projector and screen rental

60″ DaLite

DaLite easy lift screen

stand up screen $50 pr day


8′ Tripod

screen on tripod

screen  $50 per day

8′ x 8′  frame screen    (stands 12′ high )                                $250                 requires MEP technician for set up and return

15′ x 11′ frame screen with set up and tear down                  $400                           ”                                  ”

1500 Lumens projector for small  presentations                 $75        ”

2000 Lumens  projector with VGA inputs                            $100      ”

2500 Lumens DVD projector combo HDMI                         $125      ”

4500 lumens long throw lens projector                                $400


Rentals require a valid credit card  and a valid driver’s licence with a minimum $500 pre authorized to your account and a  security agreement that authorizes  Mountain Event full damage and theft recovery from renter . The pre authorization will only be activated in conjunction with any further costs to replace or repair equipment if renter loses or damages equipment during rental period.